Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #25

It is that time of week again! You guessed it -Tell Me Something Tuesday; a weekly meme hosted by the fabulous author of the Heven and Hell series, Cambria Hebert. If you would like to participate, visit her blog and grab next week's question and add your link. This week's question:

Let’s talk TV! What are your favorite shows?

Lately I have been very picky about what I watch. I have a limited amount of free time and I just can't add another show that I have to follow. I have a (very) guilty addiction to a few reality shows: Dance Moms, Jerseylicious, Big Rich Texas...But, I will not move my schedule around for them so I catch them On Demand. On the other hand, I have a few shows that my life revolves around. I am giving you my top five shows that are currently on TV. If I were to give my all-time list Buffy the Vampire Slayer would be #1! I will keep my list to my top 5 current shows for this question.

1. True Blood - I absolutely am addicted to this show. I hate that you only get 10 episodes a year. I have a major crush on Eric Northman and had him as a screen saver on my phone for a while. This last Sunday was the premier of the new season and I was left breathless! One question though, why won't Tara die already?!

2. Game of Thrones - Daenerys Targaryen has got to be one of the best strong female characters I have ever seen. And don't even get me started on the DRAGONS!! The season just ended and now I have to wait a whole year - boo.

3. Pretty Little Liars - Oh teenage drama, how do I love thee? Every episode is exciting and full of angst, sex, lies, and murder. I couldn't ask for more, except maybe...Who the heck is the real A? And how many of them are there?

4. Vampire Diaries - Team Damon! I am so sick of brooding, sensitive vampires and Damon is the cure. There are always new plot twists and turns so it never gets boring. The only downside is that when I miss an episode I have no idea what is happening. So to remedy that, I buy the seasons on DVD and watch them over and over.

5. The Big Bang Theory - Penny, Penny, Penny! My husband and I just found this show. I know it has been on for five seasons now, but we never watched an episode. Now, we speak Sheldonian and have a show we can actually watch together. And if I ask nice enough, I will even get him to sing me Soft Kitty.

And...the show that I am looking forward to that will probably make my husband's eyes roll back into his head is: Bunheads. The first episode that aired last night was promising and since I loved Gilmore Girls and Center Stage it will probably be a favorite soon.

Can you guess what 4/5 of my favorite shows have in common? You guessed it, they were all books first. I read Vampire Diaries when I was in middle school - almost 20 years ago! That just goes to show that good books are timeless and never go out of style. Did any of your picks start out as a book?


  1. TBBT is AWESOME. Shelly <33 I really need to watch Game of Thrones. Everyone's been raving about it! I liked the PLL books better than the series but the series is fun as well! Fun TMST post :D

  2. I love Game of Thrones too. I'm also dying to know who A is in Pretty Little Liars, and of course I am team Damon too. There is no better vampire than him :)

  3. Hi Krista!

    Game of thrones seems to be popping up a lot on peoples lists, as is Vampire Diaries... (Where have I been?!)

    We were given a True Blood box set as a gift, and we haven't got round to it yet... (my hubby's sis is insistant that we will luuuuuuurve it!) Maybe it's time to dig it out!
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. Great post. I really want to start the True Blood series. I wish I could get into GOT but it is so violent. I love that your picks are all books convered to shows. Happy Tuesday!

  5. GREAT List!! BUffy was the best show! I loved it!! I watched the first two season of True Blood but haven't gotten to see anymore (I don't have HBO) - i just need to get the DVD's so I can catch up!
    LOVE me some Vampire Diaires, it is SO good!!
    I was thinking of checking out Bunheads too, i loved Gilmore Girls so it should be fabulous. THis is a great list! Thanks for joinin in TMST!


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