Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Saved at Sunrise by C.C. Hunter Release Promo

Saved at Sunrise
(A Shadow Falls Story)
by C.C. Hunter

Purchase Saved at Sunrise!

Della’s back! And she’s as spunky as ever in Saved at Sunrise.

Chosen at Nightfall, the final book in Kylie Galen’s story, will be out on April 23rd. But as Kylie’s journey draws to a close, Della’s is just beginning. Saved at Sunrise is out April 2nd, and it’s your first opportunity in a long time to get a glimpse inside Della’s mind. Available only as an ebook, Saved at Sunrise is novella written from Della’s point of view, and follows the kick-ass vampire on her F.R.U. mission with Steve. And boy, do the sparks ever fly between the sassy vampire and sexy shape-shifter!

So what five things will you learn in Saved at Sunrise?

In Saved at Sunrise, Della…

1. …gets a hickey from a hot guy.

2. …comes face to face with Lee—and his fiancé.

3. …almost gets arrested.

4. …gets thoroughly kissed.

5. …says something very hard for her to say—to Steve.

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