Friday, April 26, 2013

Pawn Book Blast

Dreams and Nightmares,
Screams and Sighs,
Wakes the Girl
And Says She Dies....

When the Boy Gets
in the Way,
Then the Nightmares Come to

For her eighteenth
birthday, Endora Lee Andrews receives the gift of dreams.  Nighttime
slumber brings her visions of the future, a preview of things to
come.  Endora’s unsettling new ability is seemingly harmless,
until her dreams turn to nightmares.

When she meets the
mysterious and swoon-worthy Kannon, he knows things about her that he
can’t possibly know, and seems to be the key to uncovering the
source of her ominous prophecies.  But Kannon has many secrets, some
the essential difference between life and death for

Can she discover the
origins of her nightmares and how to prevent destiny, before the
harbingers of death come for her?   

Woven with love,
mystery and mythology, PAWN is the story of a girl who was once brought
back from death, only to face it again.  Because Fate may give you a
second chance at life, but that doesn’t mean it’s yours to

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To celebrate the release of Pawn,
we're giving away :

$100 worth of giftcards**
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Sophie Davis
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