Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gargoyle by Lorraine Beaumont Book Blitz

(The Gathering Series, #1)
by Lorraine Beaumont
Published: August 31, 2012
cover by PhatPuppy Art
Blitz Host: BB Book Tours

Briar Cliff Township - New England's best kept secret...turns out is has a few secrets of its own.

For much of the year Briar Cliff is exactly the same as any other small town snugly nestled into the forests of the New England coast. But once a year when the winds change... old stirrings arise from long kept secrets, forgotten misdeeds and a thirst for vengeance.
And so the Gathering begins...Something Wicked this way comes...

His arms were stretched tautly between two mortared columns, the heavy metal bands clasped firmly around his wrists. The chains clanked loudly as he pulled against them, trying to break free. The darkness of night surrounded him, closing in on all sides. He yanked his arms again, the cold air turning his breath white as it swirled around his head clouding his vision.

Two hooded figures emerged from the shadows flanking either side of him; he could not see their faces. Long gnarled fingers worked the chains from the columns. The restraints that bound him fell heavily to the ground clanking loudly. His arms were dead weight at his sides, they grabbed the chains pulling him forward, dragging him along. He stumbled falling to his knees; they jerked him back up, pulling him towards a huge slab of rock in the middle of a clearing.

He tried to break free pulling back, his muscles protesting, bunching painfully as he struggled for freedom. No! He cried, pulling harder, using every ounce of his strength to break away…his mind painfully spinning out of control, sifting through his memories, how was he going to get away when he could not remember what he was…angry hot tears filled his eyes burning them as he pulled back… He screamed out… remembering…

I am the author of the Ravenhurst Series -a time-travel paranormal romance, written with an ensemble cast of characters -Forgotten Time, Shadows of Yesterday, Time to Remember are all available now and the fourth installment Dreams of Tomorrow will be coming this year 2013.
I also write YA/contemporary urban fantasy with a kick-The Gathering Series about Gargoyles. Elyograg, Gargoyle and The Gathering Series Vol. 1 are now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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