Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Charade Read Along - Week 2

November 12th
This week is hosted by Christy @ Love of Books. Go to that site and link you answers to hers. She also holds the questions for week three! And most of all remember to Have Fun!!

Chapters 7-13

1. Heven’s mom has a new boyfriend that Heven doesn’t really like. Have you ever disliked a boyfriend/girlfriend of family member’s significant other? Did you tell them or just try to get along?
My parents were divorced when I was only five years old. My dad remarried fairly quickly and I was very lucky to instantly like my step-mom. My mom however, had her share of boyfriends that I loathed. There was this one in particular that was a wannabe cowboy that wore the tightest jeans known to mankind and always had a hat on. To top it off he was a douche. I am very glad he was kicked to the curb. I never told him how I felt because I was so young, around eight years old and it wasn't something I thought I could say. The area of parents dating and remarrying is a touchy subject and is very hard to deal with for anyone.

2. Kimber is acting weird… weirder than usual. Any predictions? Have you ever known anyone like Kimber?
I have already read Charade and I know what is going on so I am going to abstain from this question for fear of giving too much away :) I would say that I am like Kimber in so many ways, both the good and the bratty.

3. Heven is getting a new “supernatural” power. If you could have one which would you choose?
I would love to go back in time and change history. So I would be a Time Traveler and in my fantasy there wouldn't be any bad repercussions like we see when time is changed. Everything would end up perfect. You learn from your mistakes, but rectifying them would be awesome. If I couldn't do that, then I would like to be a vampire. Not exactly a super power, but they have abilities and are really hot and skinny!

4. In this set of chapters we find out something about Cole. Were you surprised?
I was definitely surprised. I thought that Cole had other intentions and am kinda glad that isn't the case.

5. Heven has someone invading her dreams. What is the scariest or wackiest dream you have ever had?
I have had some doosies. I hate having bad dreams and try not to remember them. My craziest dreams would be when I have been a contestant of America's Next Top Model. I have had multiple dreams where I have competed and once I even won! Too bad it was just a dream though.

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  1. I'm glad you posted, Krista! Luckily, my mom never brought men around me or my brother, because I seriously don't think I would've put up with it. Yeah, I'd only want to time travel if there weren't big consequences.


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