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Charade Read Along - Week 1

Cambria Hebert

Novemeber 5th
This week is hosted by Jennifer @ Some like it Paranormal. Go to that site and link you answers to hers. She also holds the questions for week two! And most of all remember to Have Fun!!

Chapters 1-6

1. Charade begins with Heven cutting off a lot of the hair she used to hide behind. Her haircut turns out really good. Have you ever had a bad haircut? A bad dye job? Tell us about it. And SHOW PICTURES! LOL!

I have had so many bad hair cuts I can't even count. When I was little, like second grade, I was very into having a perm. That didn't look too bad. The problem came two years later when my mom got remarried and I had a perm and a super short hair cut. I looked horrendous! I can't even bring myself to look at the pictures on the wall in my mom's house. Recently, I had my hair cut and when I got home I saw how choppy and off kilter the cut was. I had to fix it with kitchen scissors. 
As for color, I have naturally strawberry blond hair. I was told my entire life that people would kill to have my hair color. Well, I wanted purple, but my mom wouldn't let me. What she did let me do was use Henna. So every once in a while I get the urge to make a change and do the Henna. It usually comes out anywhere from a deep auburn to a bright orange depending on the brand of the Henna and how long I leave it in. A few years ago, I did my hair and it turned the brightest red/orange! I loved it, but my husband did not. It took almost 4 years for it to completely grow out. As it grew I had ombre hair, which was cool because that was the "in" look. Here are pics of Henna and natural so you can see just how different it was.

With Henna
Natural Color

2. What do you think about Heven and Cole’s relationship?

At first I thought that there might be something romantic if Kimber ever got out of the way, especially the way Sam and Cole seemed to have some testosterone thing going on when each one was around Heven. I think that Cole is a truly nice guy and will always be there for Heven.

3. A new character is introduced in these chapters. Gemma. What are your thoughts on her? Any predictions?

She is hiding something. That was my first impression. I still think that there is so much more to her, but she might be a good thing for Sam and Heven. Plus, she is kinda kick-butt and the more girl power the better! As far as predictions go, well I think that we will find out whatever it is she is hiding, but that there will always be more skeletons in her closet!

4. There are a lot of demons running around in Charade. What do you think would be the best weapon to fight them?

As a Buffy protégé, I know that each demon is not the same and that each one has their own Achilles heel so to speak. In general, anything sharp or pointy should do the trick. Cut off the head, stab the heart, break the neck - all those should get the job done. But in Heven's world, I think the best weapon is to have a boyfriend/protector that is a Hellhound that could tear them limb from limb.

5. Sam is very close with his brother and feels responsible for him. Do you have any siblings? What is your relationship with them like?

I have one sister who is three years younger than me, so I do feel very protective of her. When the Hunger Games came out I bought her the book and inscribed the inner cover saying that I will always be there for her and I will always volunteer to take her place. 
My beautiful sister with her horse & her guitar!
Now that being said, we didn't get along very well when we were little. We would try to beat the crap out of each other whenever we got into it. I even chased her with knives (butter knives) and she would scratch my arms up so I was covered in gashes. It wasn't until my dad died when I was a freshman in high school that we became allies. We had to band together to get through the really hard times, the sadness and loss, and the new life we were thrust into. We really got close when I left for college. This is when we became friends as well as sisters. Now she is my BFF and she lives very far away and I miss her all the time. 

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  1. I like both colors pictured but maybe natural a little more. I'm a natural kind of girl. I've never dyed my hair. I love Cole and Heven's friendship. He seems like a great guy and deserves better than Kimber. I feel like there is more to Gemma as well. She really came out of nowhere. YAY The Buffy weapon!!! Great choice!!! Nice to hear you and your sister get along so well now. She seems awesome if she plays guitar and has a horse! I think we all fight a lot with our siblings when we are young. My mom was driven nuts by how many fights my brother and I had. We would destroy the house. Thanks for joining the read-along!


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