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Guest Post by author Cambria Hebert and.... An Exclusive Tirade Sneak Peek!

Note from the writer

What a fantastic week of Heven and Hell this has been! I want to give a big thank you to Krista for hosting me ALL week long! It was so fun! I really hope everyone enjoyed getting to know the characters and a little more about the books!

Today’s post is a guest post by me… and I really have NO clue what to say! LOL. You already know all about the series now, hopefully you will all go and read it (if you haven’t already) and if you do I hope you enjoy it!

I would like to say to my fans that I SO appreciate all the facebook posts, the emails and the messages. YOU all keep me going on days when I’m in a grouchy mood and just want to eat bon bons and watch soap operas all day (Oh, like you wouldn’t want to do it too!). YOU area the reason I shower and wear clean underwear (Okay, I do that for my kids and husband). The response to this series has been so wonderful and humbling and fantastic that I feel truly blessed to have you all. I couldn’t do it without your support, so keep it coming! LOL.

And now because NO ONE wants to hear me blubber anymore I have decided to just give the people what they want. A SNEAK PEAK at TIRADE. You are seeing it here first!!!

Read it. Love it. Enjoy it. Then buy it on Novemeber 30th. LOL

Thank you everyone!!!!!



Sneak Peek of Tirade

    Seconds feel like hours, minutes feel like days and days… Days feel like eternity.
    Being a prisoner of hell sucks. Endlessly.
    All day long I pace inside this dark, tiny, cell… And I think. The thing about the dark is that it takes away distractions. Distractions that allowed me to ignore all the things I wanted to ignore. I liked myself better when I didn’t have to think. How easy it is to act without thinking, to let your feelings guide you. I’ve done a lot of reacting to my situation – to Heven’s situation. I’ve done a lot of things I would like to forget. But forgetting isn’t an option when all you can do is think.  Unfortunately, thinking changes things.
     It changes you.  
     My reaction the first time I laid eyes on Heven was so strong—so all-encompassing that she was all I saw—all I wanted to see. But time’s passed... And while I still love her like that first day, it’s grown deeper and stronger. She’s grown stronger.  She doesn’t need me to do the things I’ve done in the past because we can fight together.
      Only we aren’t together. I’m stuck in this hole and she’s up there facing God knows what. I’ve never been helpless before. I’ve never needed a rescue. I’m not supposed to be weak. I’m the strong one. I always knew Heven was strong. I just never thought it was me she was going to have to be strong for.

     On the outskirts of the orchard lies a long divot in the ground, a long, winding dent that swivels in the earth. If it wasn’t dry, I would call it the perfect place for a curving stream. In this divot, a single apple tree grew, its twisting limbs stretching into the sky, reaching out like gnarled fingers trying to grasp its prey. The sky seemed to ignore the demands of the brittle branches while it turned a peachy pink in the early twilight hours.
      It was beside this tree that I lay hidden.
      But I was not afraid.
       Pressing my ear to the earth, which felt cool and smooth against my skin, I concentrated with everything in me. My eyes narrowed, the only indication my tense, waiting body gave that I knew someone was headed this way.
      It took them longer than I thought to find me.
      I closed my eyes and did something that came as easily to me as breathing. I conjured a perfect image of Sam in my mind. He was so real and breathtaking sitting right there behind my eyes that, for a moment, he took my breath away. This was the real reason I was lying here. He was the reason for everything I did these days. Well, him and revenge for everything that’s been done to everyone I love. Gripping the daggers in each palm, I waited, coiled and ready to face my opponents.
      One, two, three…
*    *    *

Tirade will be released November 30th and be available in paperback and ebook.

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  1. Yay! a sneak peak of Tirade! I love it!!!!! I can't wait til november! ;) this post looks great and I love seeing the cover displayed! thank you!


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