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Between Review & Kimber Spotlight

Heven & Hell Series, #1.5
by Cambria Hebert
Published April 20, 2012
Format Reviewed: eBook (purchased)

I grew up in a comfortable house with two parents and a white-picket fence. My brother, Sam, and I used to play with sticks in the backyard and pretend they were swords. There were always cookies on the table and milk in the fridge. Then, one day, things changed.

Sam changed.

Life was never the same again. Sam left. My parents abandoned him when he needed them most, and I was left to survive in a house that was merely a shell of what it used to be. Mom cried all the time and Dad expected me to fill the void my brother left behind. But mostly, all we did was pretend. We pretended that things weren’t messed up. We pretended that Sam never existed.

Until I changed, too.

Now, everything’s a mess and I’m so confused. It’s like there are two different people trapped inside one body—my body—and one of them wants out. I do things. Bad things and I don’t know how to stop. I’m not sure I want to. The only way I can be normal again is if I find Sam. He’ll know what to do.

He has too.

Between (Heven and Hell, #1.5)

My Thoughts:
Sam's father kicked him out of the house when he found out that his son was different. Ever since, Logan has lived in a house where everything is all pretend. His parents pretend Sam never existed. His mother pretends not to see the bruises that Logan comes home with from the constant bullying. His father pretends that Logan is better than he is; better than Sam would have been. But when Logan starts changing, his parents have to wake up and stop pretending and see the reality that is in front of them; Logan is just like Sam. So Logan leaves to find Sam in hopes of having someone help him learn what it means to be different and how to handle everything. 

Between is a fantastic read that I loved and hated at the same time. I didn't think that I could feel such strong emotions from such a short novella. I could not believe the way Logan's parent behaved. His mother, the person who is supposed to nurture and love him, was a shell. She broke after Sam left and could not find the strength or the courage to care for her other son. She made me sick. As for his father, well he was just what you would expect from a man who kicked out his other son for something that was actually his fault. Neither of Logan's parents took any responsibilty for anything and even if Logan hadn't changed, I don't think he would have lasted long in that house anyway. 

I can't wait to see what will actually happen with Logan and Sam. Will he really listen to China and try to get between Heven and Sam or will he be smart and see for himself what is going on? Will Sam allow Logan to even try? And who or what is whispering to him? Why can they control his body and mind? Cambria has done it again in teasing us to the point of complete frustration and left me with more questions than before. She creates characters that are so vivid and that make you feel as if everything that happens to them happens to you. Between is the epitome of an inbetween novella; it answers a few questions, but leaves so much open-ended to be answered in the next full novel. All I have to say is that Charade better answer some questions!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Book Trailer:


Character Spotlight:
I love Kimber! She is a great friend and reminds me so much of me when I was in high school. She is in-your-face real; she gets jealous, can be fiercely loyal, and is a whirlwind of emotions. But don't piss her off or else... Plus, she is a redhead and us gingers have to stick together J We get to find out more about her in the newest novella Bewitched (more on Friday) and she is my favorite character. There are a few instances where I latch on to someone other than the main character and this is definitely one of those cases. 

Kimber is 16 and spoiled rotten. Mommy and Daddy don’t have time for her so they give her the best that money can buy. She drives the cutest car and has the best clothes. Her curly red hair is proof of her fiery attitude and she likes a good party (which she frequently throws at her awesome house on the lake). She’s the only girl in school who still treats Heven like she exists. But watch out because if Kimber isn’t happy then no one will be.


Eye color: green

Favorite Drink: Latte’s with caramel

Favorite hobby: shopping

She loves: The spotlight

Favorite color: anything sparkly

Interesting facts about Kimber:

When people do her wrong she gets revenge
She WILL buy a paper off the internet 

Favorite quotes from Kimber:

I was done being friends with a girl who would treat me this way. I was done being in the shadows. It was time for a little payback. And as far as I knew, payback couldn’t be bought at Walmart (wouldn’t that be convenient?). ~ Kimber

Liar, liar pants on fire. I knew that gleam in her eye. It was the same look that a department sales woman gets when she thinks she can sell me last season’s Prada for this season’s price. When would people learn? Girl plus being really hot does NOT equal stupid. ~Kimber

Kimber's Playlist
(created by Breathe In BooKs)

1. Rush - Aly & A.J. 
2. Coin-Operated Boy - The Dresden Dolls 
3. Looking Glass - The Birthday Massacre 
4. Shattered Glass - Britney Spears 
5. My Favourite Game - The Cardigans 
6. Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper 
7. Fight Like A Girl - Emilie Autumn 
8. What You Want - Evanescence 
9. When I Grow Up - Garbage 
10. Killing Loneliness - HIM 
11. Violet - Hole 
12. Hot N Cold - Katy Perry 
13. Never Again - Kelly Clarkson 
14. In For The Kill - La Roux 
15. Fragile - Megan McCauley 
16. Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus 
17. It's My Life - No Doubt 
18. Misery Business - Paramore 
19. Careless Whisper - Seether 
20. All the Thing She Said - T.A.T.U. 
21. Fearless - Taylor Swift 
22. The One - Tracy Bonham 
23. Strong - Velvet Chain 
24. Tear The World Down - We Are The Fallen 
25. Faster - Within Temptation      


  1. This sounds fascinating! It sort of reminds me of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

    1. I can see how you would see that, but I think there is something/someone more nefarious toying with Logan. I just don't know who that is yet...

  2. Love the playlist! I always have such a hard time making playlists for my books, I think cause all i hear most the time is disney, ha ha ha! this is great though and you put a lot of time into it, I can tell! everything looks great once again! you rocked it out girl! :)


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