Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #37

It is that time of week again! You guessed it -Tell Me Something Tuesday; a weekly meme hosted by the fabulous author of the Heven and Hell series, Cambria Hebert. If you would like to participate, visit her blog and grab next week's question and add your link. This week's question:

How long is too long between book releases?

I hate it when I finish a book only to have to wait a year until the next book is set to release. There is nothing worse than being left with a huge cliff-hanger and being made to wait and wait and wait... So realistically, I would have to say no more than 6 months between books. However, I do know that this rarely - if ever - happens. Because of this, I have started to not read books that are beginnings of a series because I hate to wait for the next book. For example, the Nightshade books by Andrea Cremer: I would love to read this series, but I will wait until they are all out before I start the series. I didn't read the Hunger Games trilogy until each book was out, too. I kept hearing from my literary friends that it was such a good book and how much they loved Katniss, but I decided to wait. I am so glad I did! If I had to go years between each book I would have pulled my hair out! I read all three books in two days (during the Super Bowl even) and couldn't put my Nook down. 

I do have some exceptions. I will wait for a few series. The first is the House of Night series. I love these books and reread the series each and every time a new book is released. They come out once a year, but there are now novellas that have broken up the yearly wait a little. I have my mom reading this series and she asks me constantly if the next book has come out yet, lol! The other series I will wait for is the Morganville Vampires series. There is a special place in my heart for these books and even though I wish they would come out quicker, I will wait for them. The Harry Potter books were like this for me also. I hated that they would take so long to be released in between books, but at least we had the movies to tide us over.  

Sometimes there are books that I love, but I just forget about until I see them on the shelves. If I stalked each and every book that I loved, I would have no time for anything else! Indies seem to come out more frequently than traditional books. I know there is so much done to make a book profitable, but do they really need to take so long, even if the books have already been written? I think that this is done purposefully in some cases to build up the book and then release it for maximum earning potential. 

The Breakdown: Six months or less between releases. If there are goodies, such as novellas, released between books, then a longer waiting period would be okay.

What do you think? How long is too long to wait for a book to be released??

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  1. I agree!! Very well said this week! I also have read all the House of Night series. I read Nightshade series too, all the books are out and it is a good series. I have heard a lot of people say they wait til they are all out before reading and I think that is a good strategy. Great response this week!


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